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Princess Margaret Rose


Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon, was the only sibling of Queen Elizabeth II and the younger daughter of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth.  She was born on August 21, 1930. When she was 6 years old her Uncle Edward VIII was abdicated, and her father Prince Albert became King George VI, then Princess Elizabeth became first in line and Margaret came in second.

Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret Rose were educated at home and spent most of the war years at Windsor Castle. Their Scottish governess ,Marion Crawford, described Elizabeth as been the sensible one and Margaret as being full of fun and spoiled by her parents. In 1947, she made her first foreign trip abroad when she joined her parents and sister on a three-month tour of South Africa. They were accompanied by the King’s equerry Captain Peter Townsend. Later that year, she was a bridesmaid at her sister’s wedding to Prince Philip.

After the war, Margaret fell in love with Captain Peter Townsend. In 1952, Margaret’s father died, her sister became Queen, and Townsend divorced his current wife. Early the following year, he proposed to Margaret. Many of the others in the  government felt that he would be an unsuitable husband for the Queen’s 22-year-old sister and the Church refused to arrange a marriage for the princess to a divorced man. Margaret eventually abandoned her plans and, in 1960, accepted the proposal of the photographer Antony Armstrong -Jones, which was organized by the Queen. The couple divorced in 1978 and Margaret never remarried.
Princess Margaret
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Back to School – Hairstyles


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Two-Headed Dolphin


It is a very rare phenomenon to see a two-headed dolphin – similar to the occurrence of conjoined human twins. But, when a two-headed dolphin calfwashed up on a beach in western Turkey , Tugrul Metin, a vacationing gym teacher , immediately called the police.

“I noticed the dolphin in the sea and watched as it washed on to the beach. I couldn’t take it in at first. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. I’ve never even heard about a dolphin like this let alone seen one with my own eyes – I was completely shocked.”
-Tugrul Metin

Reports say that one of the mammal’s heads was not properly opened, along with one of the blow holes. The dolphin was merged at the body and shared a tail and only had one blow hole for two heads.  The dolphin was believed to be a one-year-old calf and measured about 1 meter in length. Marine biologists at Akdeniz University will study the dolphin.

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Philippa (Pippa) Middleton


Philippa Charlotte “Pippa” Middleton (born 6 September 1983) is the only sister of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. Born in 1983, Reading, Berkshire, England, Pippa is the second of the three children of Michael Middleton and Carole Goldsmith.

In 1995, the Middletons moved to Bucklebury, Berkshire. Pippa was educated at St Andrew’s School, Pangbourne, at a girl’s boarding school in Cold Ash, and finally Marlborough College. After university, she gained employed for a company specialising in events and parties. With her sister Kate’s relationship with, the future king, Prince William, she became a leading socialite in London circles. She has received widespread press coverage for both her lifestyle, social life and the way she dresses.

In 2009, Middleton took up tobogganing on the Cresta Run at St Moritz, with the multi-millionaire Trevor Baines as her instructor. She is also a good shot and in 2008 shot twenty-three game birds in a day in Scotland. For several years on Burns Night, accompanied by bagpipes, Middleton has carried the haggis into a pub called the Old Boot Inn at Stanford Dingley in Berkshire.

Pippa was given the rold of maid of honour for the wedding, which drew record global audiences. At the Royal wedding, Pippa’s white figure-hugging dress received substantial attention and praise.

In 2012, she split up with her long-term boyfriend Alex Loudon. She was also involved in controversy when she was pictured along with a man carrying a gun and pointing it at photographers in Paris. Owing a gun in France can be a serious crime, though the police declined to press charges. The incident raised memories of Princess Diana being chased through the streets of Paris by paparazzi.

Pippa Middleton is a socialite and the sister of Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge. Often spotted out shopping with her sister, or partying with the same group of people at London nightclubs, Pippa’s good looks and sense of style have earned her both fans and critics.


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Happy Birthday, Prince George!


July 22, 2013, the world had  their eyes on St Mary’s Hospital in London, where the Duchess of Cambridge was admitted to the labor room. George was born at 16:24 (4:24 pm).  He weighed 3.8 kg.
prince george st mary hospital
In the evening, of July 24th 2013, it was announced that the new born will be called George Alexander Louis 7 . George is a reference to George VI of the United Kingdom who is the father ‘of Elizabeth II. Prince George had an exact replica of the christening gown as worn by the eldest daughter of Queen Victoria

Prince George had seven godparent designated to himself. They were:
Zara Phillips , cousin of William, daughter of Princess Ann

Hugh Grosvenor,Earl Grosvenor, eldest son of the Duke of Westminster , whose mother is one of the godmothers of William

Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton, private secretary to Princes William and Harry

Oliver Baker, friend of Kate’ and William since Collage

Emilia Jardine-Paterson, a close friend of Kate’s

Julia Samuel, a close friend of Princess Diana

William van Cutsem, a childhood friend of Prince William

Prince George turns 1 year old today, and during his short life, the son of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (Prince William and Kate Middleton) has accomplished a lot: He has traveled the world, has sparked a fashion revolution, and was even honored with his very own U.K. coin. There has even been talk of the little prince prepping for big brother status sometime in the near future.

Prince George FIrst Birthday 3   Prince George FIrst Birthday 2

the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their son George were taken on July 2 to visit the Sensational Butterflies exhibition at the Natural History Museum in London. George get up and personal with his first ever butterfly.

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Forest Of Readers


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Kate Middleton

Catherine Elizabeth Middleton was born at the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading, United Kingdom. She is the oldest of three children with a younger sister, Philippa (“Pippa”) Charlotte and a younger brother, James William.

    Her mother Carole worked as a flight attendant while her father Michael worked as a flight dispatcher; both for the British Airways. They married on the 21st June 1980 and founded ‘Party Pieces’, a successful mail order company that sells party supplies and decorations in 1987.

Catherine and her family moved to Amman in Jordan in 1984 where her father worked for the British Airways for two and a half years. Catherine and her sister, Philippa, attended a nursery school in Jordan.​In 1986, Catherine and her family returned to their home in West Berkshire, United Kingdom, where she started St. Andrew’s School in Pangbourne and remained there until 1995. Catherine went on to Marlborough College Wiltshire, where she studied Chemistry, Biology and Art at A-level. She also took part in sporty activities such as tennis, hockey, netball and athletics. At the age of 18, Catherine undertook a gap year, where she studied at the British Institute in Florence, Italy and participated in a Raleigh International programme in Chile. She also joined as a crew member on Round the World Challenge Boats in the Solent. In 2001, Catherine enrolled at the University of Saint Andrews in Fife, Scotland and graduated in 2005 with a 2:1 in History of Art. During her time at university, she continued her interest in sport by playing hockey for the university team. It was at university where Catherine met her future husband, Prince William of Wales.

Since she completed her university degree, Catherine worked for her parents company, Party Pieces, as well as a part-time buyer in Jigsaw Junior in London. In October 2010, during a private holiday in Kenya, her long term boyfriend, Prince William of Wales, proposed with his mother’s engagement ring. The engagement was publicly announced on the 16th November 2010 at a press conference and photocall in the State Rooms of St. James Palace in London. A pre-recorded TV interview with the couple followed.

They married on the 29th April 2011 at Westminster Abbey in London and Catherine was formally titled The Duchess of Cambridge, Countess of Strathearn, and Baroness Carrickfergus.


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Marie Antoinette, Serial Killer


Marie Antoinette, Serial Killer

Heads will roll!!!!!

Colette Iselin begins the book by lamenting her family’s tragic loss of money, and the embarrassing fact that her mother has to work the perfume counter at Macy’s (so she can keep Colette in private school and save up for Colette’s upcoming trip to Paris—oh, the horror!). We find out she’s been hiding her family’s financial status from her supposed best friends, lying and posturing so she can remain a member of high school royalty.

Paris, France: a city of fashion, chocolate croissants, and cute boys. Colette is thrilled be there for the first time, on her spring break class trip. But a series of gruesome murders are taking place around the city, putting everyone on edge. And as she tours the sights, Colette keeps seeing a strange vision: a pale woman in a ball gown and powdered wig, who looks like Marie Antoinette. Colette knows her status-obsessed friends won’t believe her, so she seeks out the help of a charming French boy. Together, they discover that the murder victims are all descendants of people who ultimately brought about Marie Antoinette’s beheading. The queen’s ghost has been awakened, and now she’s wreaking her bloodthirsty revenge. And Colette may just be one of those descendants . . . which means she might not make it out of this trip alive. Acclaimed author Katie Alender brings heart-stopping suspense to this story of betrayal, glamour, mystery, revenge,  intrigue, history–and one killer queen.

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Princess Diana’s Grave is Empty


The Princess is not buried on the lake, claims shocking US report. A shocking US report quotes a “Palace source” as saying that Diana’s body is not on the island in the lake, and that the beloved Princess was cremated – and her ashes put in an urn. What really happened to Diana’s body? A shocking US report claims that the tragic Princess was not laid to rest on the little island at Althrop – as the world has believed since her dramatic funeral nearly a year ago. Supposedly, she was secretly cremated, and the ashes given to her two sons, Princes William and Harry! This claim, according to America’s Star magazine, comes from a senior source at Buckingham Palace. “Diana” was cremated and her ashes put in an urn and given to her sons” the source claims. According to a report in the Los Angeles Times people in Di’s tiny hometown of Great Brington also don’t believe Di’s body lies on the island in the lake near Althrop House. One resident said that very strange things were going on there following Diana’s funeral – especially at the towns crematorium.

Princess Diana Grave
“The night they brought her body back after the big funeral ceremony in London, our whole. Village was invaded by the army and the police and special forces units” the resident said.”All the residents were hustled back into their houses to get them well out of the way. They got the crematorium burning well into the night. What we think is that they cremated Princess Diana”.It was five days after her tragic August 31 death in a Paris underpass that Di’s funeral procession made its long sad journey past grief stricken crowds from Westminster Abbey in London to Althrop.Only her close family members were at the graveside on the grounds of the house. No details of any ceremony were ever released. It was Diana’s brother Charles Spencer who announced that he had prepared it on the small island. Today, many people have doubts about the burial.According to the Star, other employees at Althrop suggest that perhaps Di’s body was never even in the coffin. Althrop former cook and housekeeper, Betty Andrews is quoted as saying “There’s a strange feeling amongst all the villagers that we may not be hearing the complete truth. “It seems very odd to us that Diana would be buried on an island here, miles from her young sons, in a place where they can hardly ever visit her. “Only the Spencers and the royal family really know what happened.”


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Happy Father’s Day


Happy Father’s day to all father’s everywhere. You have been one of the best people in our lives today, is our days to say ” Happy Father’s Day”. Thank you for everything you have done. We couldn’t have asked for anyone better. You are the best. I hope you like your presents. I know it’s not much compared to everything you have done but Happy Father’s Day. You have helped us when when in trouble and didn’t mind what ever it was.


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